About Us

Our History

Angy and Achille are part of our family. Two Dogs that we adopted and that we took away from the sadness of the rescue. I could say that it all started with them.

After studying economics and having a good career in international structures, one day this spark struck: a dream! Create a facility that could become a paradise for my dogs and those of other people.

Thanks to Angy and Achille who supported and guided me, I decided to deepen and study the dogs' world, I attended courses, acquired certificates. In short, I got passionate and built knowledge. Having a solid studying background, I believe nothing should be just put together, professional approach must be applied to whatever you undertake.

Our Philosophy

Our guests are carefully chosen. Each new guest is firstly selected during a cognitive meeting with the family, an occasion in which we collect information and observe the dog.

Then, we identify a trial day: this allows us to better understand the dog, its character needs and to give the message that we are a temporary, pleasant and protected place. You will soon realize that it is a place of serenity, entertainment but above all of love.

It is important for us that dogs with us are happy and love to return, and this is why the structure guarantees freedom and socialization. All this considering the compatibility of character and size.

All areas are protected, supervised with comfortable and rural shelter areas. Dogs do not sleep alone but always in company, based on their size and character.

The happiness of dogs is reflected in the joy of owners who know they are leaving their four paws in competent hands and in a natural and supervised context.