social events

One of the objectives of the entire project is to give well-being and training to humans through the world of dogs. Mankind takes care of dogs for their well-being but we cannot fail to remember that, thanks to the dog, humans too find great comfort, support and help: just think of the dogs used in the health, rescue, defense, etc. sectors. Il Paradiso dei Cani also sets itself the goal of trying to improve the well-being of people with various activities and educational and social collaborations. Some have half-day programmes, others full-day programmes, others even more days. This depends on the interlocutors, the activity schedule, etc.

The collaborations and activities, already in place, with social and educational purposes carried out by “Il Paradiso dei cani” are mentioned below.


There are several collaborations with schools and institutions. Some have been carried out, others are in progress. Many topics are taken into consideration and combine the “dog’s world” with languages, culture, history, or topic dear to the society and public institutions.

Stages for students at our facilities are also welcome. The aim is to involve youngsters in theoretical and practical training both for a future profession or simply for life experience.

Foyers and users with disabilities

With the collaboration of professional educators, we welcome people with disabilities, accompanied by specialized personnel, to spend half days of leisure in our facilities and in dogs’ company. The activities vary according to the users and their characteristics and needs, they can be involved in simple care activities or small dog activities (simple paths, commands, etc.).


There are many activities carried out with the aim of involving families, for half of full day, in contact with dogs and nature. The activities vary from a “dog-sitter experience” at our facilities, to walks in enchanting places in the area. The goal is to teach respect for dogs, animals and the nature that surrounds us.


Participation in craft and traditional fairs are also part of the activities carried out. It’s a way to stay in touch with people, get to know and learn what they need and not lose touch with reality. In addition, it allows us to make ourselves known throughout the territory, to establish interesting collaborations, as well as offer our products and services.


Elderly people

There is particular attention to elderly people, fragile personalities, for whom the presence of a pet, in addition to human company, can be a crucial element for their emotional state and well-being. Cooperations are in place and others in development.


There can be no well-being without correct knowledge. It is to this end that “Il Paradiso dei Cani” has the ambitious project of organizing days focused on topics of interest to dog owners. Often professionals are present in the area but, unfortunately, no one is aware. One of the objectives is to create and improve a local, national and international network, which is for the benefit of end users (dog owners), involving leading experts on various topics of interest in the dogs’ world, allowing owners to acquire important notions and , at the same time, to ask all the questions necessary for greater knowledge.